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3 Crystals to Take With You on Vacation

Do you find it challenging to disconnect from work, home life, and technology during the first few days of vacation? Do you enjoy taking vacations for the perspective they bring? These three crystals, whether worn as jewelry or held as pocket stones, can help you stay true to the intentions for your getaway.


The quintessential stone of love, Rose Quartz will help you achieve a deeper state of self-care while on vacation. Its gentle energy encourages nurturing of the self and others, which can be useful for reflection during your getaway to consider what's missing in your current self-care routine. This rosey-coloured stone also helps you move from a place of compassion and love vs. frustration and tension, so if you're going on vacation with a loved one or family—or maybe you're looking to attract love!—consider bringing this stone along with you to encourage compassionate, genuine, connection.


Do you find it difficult to disconnect from social media and technology while on vacation? Bring a piece of grounding Smokey Quartz along for the ride! This golden brown stone powerfully grounds you right where you are in the moment, so you don't feel guilty about checking work emails, or seeing what your friends are up to on instagram during this purposely carved out time, whether you're sightseeing an exotic destination, or just trying to relax.

And should your vacation take an unexpected turn, Smoky Quartz relieves tension and stress, anxiety, or panic attacks. It helps ward off negative thinking, and eases worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. But let's hope you don't need it for that reason, okay?


Its pretty purple colour matches the Crown Chakra, which represents your ability to be fully connected, spiritually. Once you've had a chance to disconnect from technology and take advantage of vacation's precious down-time, Amethyst can take you new places with its ability to still the mind, cultivate imagination, and connection to intuition. It's fantastic for simplifying life, centering oneself in what matters most to them, and helps one discover root causes of imbalances to create balance.

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