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Baking & Pastry Pricing


Whether you're looking for something simple and understated or a cake that makes someone laugh, feel loved, or a crowd go "WOW!", let's work together to turn your cake dream into a reality.


All prices include tax. 


Basic Buttercream Layer Cake

3 layers of cake filled and covered with real buttercream. Each cake measures about five inches tall.

8" Round (10-16 servings).........$80

10" Round (15-20 servings)......$100

12" Round (24-30 servings).......$130

Keto, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, or Vegan please message me for pricing.

Basic Buttercream Cake Additions

(prices for 6"/8"/10")


Homemade Jam Filling


Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate Ganache Filling



Chocolate "Pour" Effect


Gold or Silver painted onto the Pour add


Chocolate Flowers (hand-sculpted and edible)

starting at $50

Sugar Decorations (Graduation, Birthday, etc)

starting at $50


Rainbow Pinata Cake

6 layers of cake and buttercream alternating rainbow colors, with a sprinkle and candy surprise inside! Each cake is about eight inches tall.

8" Round (16 servings).........$110

10" Round (20 servings)......$130

Pinata Cake Additions

(prices for 6"/8"/10")


Sprinkle & Candy Exterior Coating


Themed or Specialty Candy Pinata Filling Upgrade


Untitled design (8).png

Wedding Cakes

Only the best for your very special day! All pricing below is for a 3-Tiered Wedding Cake and includes the initial consultation as well as:

  • Buttercream Filling

  • Buttercream or Fondant Exterior

  • Bonus Filling (i.e, jam, lemon curd, or chocolate ganache)

  • Sugar or chocolate decorations

  • Free delivery and setup within Yarmouth County

(Slice serving size: 1"x2"x4")

Serves 50 ........$350

Serves 75.........$500

Serves 100......$650

Serves 125.........$800

Serves 150....$950

**all wedding cake clients save 20% off Bridal Shower or Wedding Favor cookie orders**

**Contact me for pricing on Gluten-Free or Vegan options)

Wedding Cake Additions

Sculpted Sugar or Chocolate Wedding Topper........$100

Real Flowers.............................................starting at $50


Iced Sugar or Gingerbread Cookies

Beautifully detailed cookies available in any theme. All cookies come individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve. Specialized packaging upgrade available for Bridal Shower and Wedding Favors (see below). Two dozen minimum order.

Two Dozen........$120

**add $60 per additional dozen**


Gluten-Free Gingerbread: Add $8/dozen

Vegan Sugar or Gingerbread Cookies: Add $5/dozen

(message me for pricing on orders greater than four dozen)

Special Occasion Cookie Favors

Each favor comes with one cookie packaged in a clear cellophane bag, finished with ribbon, and a custom sticker for your occasion.

Two Dozen........$5.50 per favor

Three Dozen and up........$4.75 per favor



$15 within Yarmouth County

In-Town Pickup



Starts at $30. Each cellophane-wrapped cookie is individually bubble-wrapped to ensure safe travels. 


French Macarons

Pronounced "ma·ka·ron", these delicate little cookies are gluten-free and available in a variety of fillings including Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Key Lime Pie, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

One dozen........$30

Two Dozen........$60

**Each additional dozen add $25*

Bridal Shower or Wedding Favor Macarons

Each favor comes with two French Macarons packaged in a clear plastic favor box, wrapped in ribbon, and finished with a custom sticker (monogram, wedding date, etc).

Two dozen minimum order.

Two Dozen........$5 per favor

Three Dozen or more........$4.50 per favor


$15 within Yarmouth County

In-Town Pickup



Starting at $25. Shipped with ice pouches to ensure freshness within the maritimes only.

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